A Touchstone is an example that is used to test the excellence or genuiness of others. 

Target Markets:

We are your connection for tracking who thinks of your destination as a place worth visiting; for leisure, business, or a mix of the two. Once target markets meet the Touchstone threshold, it's time to move onto the next market.

Campaign Management:

We help you sort the internal positioning from the external reality, amplifying your role as the voice of the visitor. The difference between what travelers need to know before selecting a destination and the information you provide is the GAP Analysis Touchstone.

Activating Markets:

We know who is ready to travel today, or who needs more time. Crafting a message that is specific to where travelers are in the marketing funnel is the Touchstone.

Marketing accolades are easy when you have access to what the market thinks, how the market acts, and when to time your message - and its all possible through

Travel Indicators Research Program Design.