Community News

Recognizing YOUR Success

"We have used Brian’s insights to better plan and design our marketing efforts in line with the domestic economy.  Knowing how our potential visitors are “feeling” about their economic situation guides us to more effective advertising by designing meaningful content and advantageous placement timing to align with their motivations.  The Indicators give us the lead time we need to more effectively use our limited marketing resources.”

Old School / Hard Copy Newsletters!

Not content with reading our trend report at the office, many subscribers take the newsletter on the road.  We've been in print since 1983, using up all available supply of HammerMill Ivory 24lb. paper. 

Marketing Advantages, Revealed.

We're busy reading all publically available destination sales and marketing plans.  We're grouping the best strategies, goals, and tactics into easy-to-replicate advantages.  You won’t find a single source of this information ANYWHERE ELSE.  We'll share these needle-moving advantages on our monthly calls, in our publication, and at our annual conference. 

In the process, we're also able to identify dirty scoundrels, lazy writers, and silly research used to justify acts of sales and marketing.  Strongly worded letters of reprimand will be mailed.