It pays to have solid research advice and the right program management team in your corner. Travel Industry Indicators of Jacksonville has seasoned research professionals and project managers that are ready to help harmonize your reseearch and help you create a plan that meets all your long-term marketing and strategic goals.

awareness & perception Research

Evaluate top feeder markets for baseline and ongoing measures of brand awareness and perception. Also good for evaluating meeting planners' potential to 'look or book'.

Advertising creative concept testing

The agency works hard to put together a creative brief, campaign goals, and story-boards. Before the final ads go in front of your Board, we can help you and the agency with a data-informed consultation to keep the Board on your side.

intelligence briefings

Getting the situational analysis in order and building out your plan with the latest 'forces at play' often takes a little assistance. Our intelligence briefings provide detailed outcomes of the latest trends implacting the industry.

experiential gap analysis

Having a roadmap for what visitors value in an event experience can enusre grants are deployed at their highest and best use. Our design can rank destination demand generators across experience economy themes.