Getting Started with Travel Industry Indicators


Step 2: Briefings

Conflicting information, busy schedules, and budget short-falls are distracting organizations from doing their best work.  

Receive our daily, weekly or monthly trend reports to stay focused, relevent and prepared for the recovery.

Step 1: Video Call

Have a question about the pandemic, or a trend you've been hearing about? Not sure when to re-open? Want clarification on how other destinations have approached the situation?  Give me a call and we'll talk it through. 

Email me directly to schedule your call HERE.

Step 3: Post-Pandemic Marketing Plan JumpStart

Residents are worried that welcoming visitors will spread COVID-19.  Hotels are worried that they'll go bankrupt if they go any longer without guests. Elected officials are looking to raid your BedTax fund for city services. I'll help you thred the needle, and jump start your post-pandemic marketing plan.  When we complete our project you'll have an action plan to a steady stream of BedTax revenue, the back-up data to support your strategy and the respect of elected officials for leading the sector out of crisis and into recovery.

Designed to respond to the quickly changing COVID-19 reality, the JumpStart can run 10-, 20-, or 30-  days.