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Travel Smart News - Trends, Outlook and Commentary for BIG Thinkers

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A paid subscription briefing for the travel industry's big thinkers.
We cover the relevant topics that give readers a competitive advantage - and make them the smartest people in the room.
We send you emerging industry trends as they unfold. Save yourself months of research and networking just to get caught up on what's happening. 
Each work-day you will receive our branded enewsletter with top-line, essential industry developments.
Personally curated topics cut through the clutter to identify both short term blips and longer term trends.
I enjoy getting the Travel Smart News from Brian London.  It is full of helpful tourism-related information, as well as great ideas taking place in other destinations.  In fact, we liked one idea from another state so much that we are implementing it now in the Sebring area. - Casey W.
Your Travel Smart News is like CNN’s “Top 5 Things to Get You Out the Door”  - Misty J.
Travel Smart News represents a tremendous value because it provides in-depth information in a highly efficient and reliable way.  I can always count on it to tell me what I need to know every day. - Chris C.


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy each issue.  It’s nice to have a personal/practical interpretation of some of the stories and their potential ramifications.   Kathy P.
We use the Travel Smart Newsletter to learn about current travel trends and events that can potentially influence travel making decisions.  I learn about new marketing techniques different tourism organizations are using and look into piggy-backing on their ideas. - Jennifer G.

It is concise, well organized and I can't think of a time where I didn't find something that was interesting and beneficial to me. - Tim T.
I really like that you have concise snippets on the overall economy and include a source so that if there is something I want to know more about, the link is right there. - Peach M.
Your newsletter is ALWAYS a good read! - Erik E.
Wow, your newsletter looks amazing.  I love what you did with it.  - Robert S.

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Travel Smart News - Trends, Outlook and Commentary for BIG Thinkers

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