Marketing Efforts

Innovation will transition customers who are on the fence, lack brand loyalty, or are Early Adopters and may view new innovations as a reason to do business with a company.

Exposure- Focused Partnerships

Short-term promotions and temporary partnerships exist for Exposure. They give the companies a new audience with the hopes to build their customer bases and create loyalty.

For the Future

Investment partnerships are based on bottom-line goals; the need for the company to diversify its investments and ensure financial security for the future.

Customer First!

Customer Centricity will freeze existing customers and ensure companies will not lose its foundation of customers.


Reading through 100s of articles every morning, and 1000s of reports every year, we've plotted the landscape and can accurately predict travel demand.   How do we do this?  With a relentless focus on SIX BIG TREND categories that ALWAYS predict travel behavior.  This information helps businesses and organizations allocate resources and increase awareness, revenue and visitation. 

You're in the right place.

Home of the thoughtful, the meaningful.  A place for the marketer, the researcher, the CEO, the Board Member, the GM - anyone that wants to increase revenue, awareness, and customers. 

Mission: to stamp out short term blips, to identify long-term trends, and to implement programs to move the marketing needle.  We're against needless number crunching, against useless reports, and can't stand averages! 

Join me on an adventure to get smarter, make better decisions, and to get the recognition you deserve for your marketing and research mastery.

Exposure- Focused Partnerships

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity will freeze existing customers and ensure companies will not lose their foundation of customers.